"That assumption has a terrible flip side: Girls of color are often viewed as always sexually available, simply because of their race. Just look at the specific stereotypes: Latina women are “spicy,” Middle Eastern and South Asian women are simultaneously “exotic” and “repressed,” Asian women are “submissive,” black women are “wild” or “animalistic”—it doesn’t matter what disgusting stereotype you choose, it boils down to the same thing: Women of color are assumed to be always available for sex….On top of all of this, it’s important to keep in mind one of the main reasons women of color are expected to be always sexually available—because in countries where they’ve been historically enslaved or colonized by white cultures, the white men in those cultures felt free to rape them with impunity. That women of color in colonized countries should have any say-so in what happens to their bodies, sexually or otherwise, is a pretty new idea in the grand scheme of things, and one that women of color have had to fight hard for, and still have to fight for today."

— Jaclyn Friedman, Women of Color Seen As Always Sexually Available (via angrywocunited)

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I got a haircut + im soooooo cute

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When your song comes on

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Solange’s rockin’ that FRO! Luv it! #luvyourmane #blackisbeautiful #naturalhairsistas #naturalhair

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When you ask your mom a simple question & she yells her response.


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Beyoncé actin’ a fool on the set of Bootylicious.

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nadia aboulhosn: I’m watching everyone watching me closely sur We Heart It.

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Welp there you have it folks.

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*opens a pack of gum*

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if we skyping best believe im looking at myself in that lil window not u

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